Monday, November 18, 2013

No fun title from Kynsie today! :) Guess she has run out of ideas!

Well Hello Hello Family! 

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Oh my goodness...I can't! I am really hungry right now though so I think that I am ready for some good food. :) What are your plans? It sounds like you have had another busy week. I am sorry to hear that mom is sick. I think it is a rife problem because I have  been a bit sick this week as well....but I am not that sick. I just have a small dry cough and a bit of a sore throat. It has been getting better though. I made a lime, hot water and honey mixture. It was surprisingly gross but worked pretty alright as I was drinking it. I do agree that mom should go to the doctor though. The weather has been really up and down and so I think it has influenced me getting sick. esta bien. I am sorry to hear that grandma still isn't doing wonderful. You will have to let me know how her appointment goes tomorrow.  I have been praying for you grandma!

We have been a trio for the last 5 days. Hermana McCleary's companion finished her mission and went home so she has been with us. It has been fun to have her. We have been working in both the areas though so it has been a bit hard too, trying to balance all the things but we did it. I have loved working with Hermana McCleary. She is so special. She has been through a lot in her life and I am learning a lot from her sweet spirit. She is such an example to anyone she is around. She will be getting a new companion tomorrow. I will not be getting transferred so another 6 weeks in the creek of bear. :D haha only the people who know spanish might think that joke is funny...even though it isn't really funny. 

okay well i am done rambling...I need to tell ya'll some good miracles of the week. As you know we have been working with some less actives in our ward. Olivia is one of them. She is so special. I love her a ton. She has been through so much and she is trying to break free of some things. One night she was pretty fed up and we had felt to go over there. We went over and she was going to leave. We ended up helping her make dinner and clean up a little bit and then she came out with us on a lesson. She wanted to stay in the car when we got there but I told her that she needed to come. She came and we contacted this referral that we received. Olivia bore a super strong testimony about how she came to know that this church was true. She also told them of how even though she isn't perfect she is trying and the gospel helps her. It was so special. She said that she felt really great after and that she was going to be okay to go home. She went home and informed us later that night that everything was calm with the things that were happening before. She also texted us this week before she went out and did anything that she knows she shouldn't do and so we were able to go over for a few minutes so that she could remember the perspective. 

I feel like we have had some really good moments with Olivia. She told us in one of the moments this I am blessed. She knows that Heavenly Father has a better plan for us but sometimes we really have to struggle through other things in order to get to that point. Yesterday she came to church and she started work today. I am grateful that I could be with her for many moments when we have seen how the Lord has worked in our lives. It also has been a huge testimony builder to me of that when we do things the Lords way  he will prepare a way for something better. I know that it is true. All of the things we go through will prepare us for something more and make us better people.

We had a lot of other special things during the week but I would say that those were my favorite. I am so happy to be here. All of these moments are just so special. Well I hope you all have a great week. I will talk to you sooon. Thanks for your cute halloween card. (I forgot to send Kynsie the Halloween card I had purchased for her back in September!!!)  I loved the announcements too. (Justin's and Steinia's wedding invitations) I hadn't seen them, so thanks for letting me see them. I love you all tons and keep doing the good things in life. Reading especially and praying especially. I started the book of mormon today. I am excited to read it. I am going to be able to do both the book of mormon and the bible. I am in psalms now and so I am close. :) 

Okay BYE! I am sending you a lot of pictures from zone activities and just one from today. I'll be off finding the 10s of 1000s. remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

Hermana Rife

Her Trio for a few days
Hermanas McCleary, Rife, and Hill

A Zone Activity - November 2013
(Kynsie is on the far left)

Kynsie's zone at the Temple 

Another Zone  Activity 
(Kynsie is in the middle)  

Hermana's  in Texas!  

"Kynsie's chain" is almost finished!!!  Need to add an airplane!  :)  She is finally coming home in 87 days!
Kylee and the rest of us are a little excited.

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