Wednesday, November 13, 2013

aloha ohana dis us missionary from Bear Creek =) das wassup

That was elder langinbelik he is the Poly in our district. He just typed the subject line! :)

Hello Dear Family!
I am relieved to hear that Grandma is doing well. I know that the Lords plan is perfect but that doesn't mean that it isn't hard sometimes. I have been a bit worried for her this week. It was a relief to receive your letter mom on saturday and to hear that she had been doing well. It was good to hear a "she's recovering" report on the email as well. :) Keep it up grandma! I am sorry that all of you are sick though. Get better!
This week was another week of beautiful miracles and experiences. The Lord is good to us. He is so good to me. I always feel like He gives me and sends me exactly what I need. Sometimes it doesn't get easier but it does give me the strength to push on. This week we had a specialized training on conversion. In the Bible Dictionary under the section of conversion. We find the following."Denotes changing one’s views, in a conscious acceptance of the will of God (Acts 3:19). If followed by continued faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism in water for the remission of sins, and the reception of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, conversion will become complete and will change a natural man into a sanctified, born again, purified person—a new creature in Christ Jesus (see 2 Cor. 5:17). Complete conversion comes after many trials and much testing (seeLuke 22:32D&C 112:12–13). To labor for the conversion of one’s self and others is a noble task, as in Ps. 51:13Dan. 12:3James 5:19–20Alma 26D&C 18:15–16."
Well, I feel like the mission has brought me conversion in many aspects of my life. I feel like through the hard stuff that is how conversion really happens. It is living the gospel when it gets hard that brings us to be able to endure to the end. It gives us the hope that there is something better. Ether 12:4. It never ends though...conversion increases and grows stronger and stronger and we always have to work for it. It is through the miracles that I know the gospel is really true and that the principles within it are true and real.

JR: I think it has now been 4 times that JR has come to church. He looks like a regular on the pew. He may still have his earrings and has a few tats but he is going strong and he is there with desires and a smile. It brings a smile to my face every time I look down from playing the piano and I see him. He has been reading and praying. He is working on some things. He has been doing good about keeping the word of wisdom. He is so special. You can see more light and the endurance that is coming from his conversion. He is pressing on and fighting even though it isn't easy.
Juana: Did we receive a prepared person this week or what? I would say "YES". Wow. She is super prepared. Juana was a referral given to us from a different set of elders.  Her boyfriend is a Member and she has been going to church with him. She invited us over for dinner and we talked to her about a lot of things. She was asking all the "hard" commitments and questions. Law of Chasity, Word of Wisdom, and Eternal Life. We would explain her the reasoning in spanish and then she would look at shane and say...ohhh baby, I love it. I love what they are saying to me. :D haha She is darling. At the end, we invited her to be baptized on the 30th. She told us. Oh that isn't a problem for me. I want to be a mormon but I have to talk to my family and i want you to teach them so they understand why I am making this decision. She is just lovely. I really enjoyed being with her. She told us how much getting to know shane has blessed her life and how he makes her a better person. Shane told us straight out...I want a temple marriage and an eternal family and she is very aware of that. :)
Reyes: We had the chance to visit with a family in our ward. It was a great experience. We have been really trying to work with the members and help them to invite their friends. We have had a lot more people trying to share their dear friends with us. We stopped by the reyes family and we shared a simple message about the light of Christ and the gospel. The Hermano was very touched and he began crying and thanking us for our service. He is a beautiful thing to represent the Lord. It just made me tear up. It really is such a sacred chance. He thanked us for our examples and for being in their home. We asked if they knew anyone and they told us about their sisters. They are going to talk to them and see if we can go visit them. I just thought it was so neat that they referred us to their family. Another Member Miracle was with the Aseveldos. They have 2 missionaries serving right now and in the closing prayer, the hermana was asking Heavenly Father to please help them have missionary experiences and to please help them find people to share the gospel with so that we could teach them. It was just a blessing and a testimony to me that Heavenly Father will prepare us miracles and help if we are doing what we need to be doing. We have been trying to work with the members and look at what is happening. They feel it. Speaking of the members...Yesterday, our ward split. We have less people but more room to grow and get people involved. I am very excited for the changes. I feel like it is going to be an awesome challenge. We received a new bishopric and we will have a lot of new faces to work with in the ward council! I feel like it is going to be GREAT!
I know a lot of other things happened but I think that is enough for now. :) I am so grateful for this gospel. It is an amazing thing. Hermana Hill is doing great. She is adjusting to the mission and I am trying to help her. We can always use prayers though. She is really sweet and i know I am with her for reason and purpose. Transfers are next week. I will be receiving the call sunday so I'll know by monday. Well family, I love you a lot! I hope you have a fantastic week and that everyone gets better. Take care and keep reading and doing the small and simple things! Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.
Off finding the Tens of Thousands,
La Hermana Rife

"The sky the Sky!  Got to love the skies of Texas!!!"

"It was Hermana McCleary's Birthday!  We celebrated after ward correlation with La familia Ramierez."

"With la familia Martinez.  A wonderful family who will be on the other side...or the different ward.  I'll miss them!  :)" 

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  1. Your emails inspire me! I'm glad your mom shares them.