Monday, July 1, 2013

July - Hope it won't fly!

Hello Family,

How are you all doing? It sounds like you had another busy but successful week. How nice of you to take care of good ol' zz. :) Glad to hear Dad is loosing weight and being healthy. Mom is doing crafts and cleaning and taking care of the fam. Kendra is doing great and finding herself. Tyler is working like crazy and going to efy. Tanner is all clean and learning about leadership. Kylee is making such a wonderful decision this weekend.

As for me. I am here in texas. I am actually enjoying the heat. I am getting some pretty horrid tan lines. I might have to get a spray tan before I go swimming when I come home. I even have tan lines on my feet. I will include a picture.  It is pretty hilarious. Whenever I get out of the shower hermana crandall laughs at me because of how white my skin is compared to my arms. Oh well. At least some part of me is tan. Even though it is hot and I can't wear my hair down because it grows in volume too. I like the weather. I prayed and asked for it and He answers prayers so now i need to be happy with my answer. I am also glad that if i have lived in Texas I can live in Infierno too. That is Hattie in spanish! :) Hopefully I won't ever have to live there.

This week we went to the temple and it was so great. I love the temple. The peace that one can feel there is so amazing and sweet.  You just walk on the grounds and you feel something so sacred. I love it there. I always get so excited to go because I love how the rest of the day is soooo nice.

We met this new family Felipe y maria. We had a lesson with them and let us just say it was something. :) Poor hermana crandall. She had a really bad day and then we go in to the lesson and she HATES bugs. There were cockroaches EVERYWHERE and mice. They were crawling on us and i was having a hard time focusing. Then her part comes and she can't even speak spanish. She just starts tearing up and i was like hermana you can do it. you are fine. she is like no i can't and she just starts crying and says disculpe. And is just crying. It was soooo sad. I felt so bad. She pulled it together though and was fine after. Poor thing. It is funny now but that house is sooo gross. It is hard to feel the spirit there because of how dirty it is. It was a pretty bad but i think we were able to leave the spirit there.

Morenos, Maria, Fransisco - are all doing good but we weren't able to get them to church. They all have different things coming up. We will try again this week. They are progressing but church is just soo hard for everyone. Satan works hard. When we were teaching Morenos, they were telling us about their experience at church. They said during the sacrament that they all felt something really special. We explained about the holy ghost more and how Heavenly Father is trying to answer their prayers by giving them these feelings. It was great. How special these people are. Please keep praying for them that they may come to church.

Yesterday, for 5th sunday. I had to speak in the 3rd hour. It was sooooo scary. Oh my goodness. I was shaking. It went well though. I had to speak on what we can do as members to help the work of the Lord move forward. I just took some quotes from the broadcast and different things I had been studying. Hno Arredondo told me I did great but I was so nervous. It was all in spanish and I thought I was going to die. Hopefully we can get our ward more motivated. We got a ward mission leader finally. He will be great. A beautiful miracle happened last night after church. Hermana Ortiz invited us to dinner and the elders can't go in because they didn't have a woman. Then she is like let me get my nephew and he will come. Jose Franklon. We ended up talking to him and sharing our testimonies and Nephi 3:7. He said he would listen to the messages. It was sooo cool. He used to go to church with Hermana ortiz. I think he really felt something special and he is looking for something like this. The elders will teach him but it was a neat experience!

Two random things. Sooo first. We totally got our car towed on saturday. We were parked in a permit area that didn't have any signs. It was annoying but its whatever. 2nd time on my mission. Its for a reason I guess. Who knows. But we got our car back  and everything turned out but still. Craziness.On Sunday we were talking about Disneyland- hermana crandall and I. We figured out that we have the same love for it. Ohhh how i love disneyland. I said sometimes when i am walking down main street I seriously want to cry because i feel so happy. I said like it is like you can feel the spirit. She was laughing hysterically. She was like I feel the same way. :D I am so excited to go with her. We planned a while ago that we are going on Oakcrest reunion to disneyland Oct2014 when Hermana Crandall, Elder Barney and Elder Howe are home. So it will be The 5 of us. I am sooo excited. But its like in forever but it was just funny.

Well, today we are going to downtown houston sooo i am in a rush to get out of here but I love you all and I hope you have a happy 4th. Know I miss you all so much and I love you too. Last night I dream't that Mila ran away from me cause she didn't know who i was, but that kinley remembered my name and I cried. I also was at gap in my pajamas when all of this was happening. You were shopping and I left hermana crandall durning the night to go to the store and i saw you there. :D but who knows what the interpretation of that dream is. :D

I love you all. I know this work is the work of the Lord. Stay Strong in the Gospel and Find those who need to receive this gospel or those who need to remember it! We all have a part in this work. Take care. Until Next week!

Love you!!!

Off finding the tens of thousands and remember who you are and to whom you belong too!

Hermana Rife

Two cute sister missionaries emailing home!  :)

"I am getting some pretty horrid tan lines. I might have to get a spray tan before I go swimming when I come home. I even have tan lines on my feet!!!"
AND... Mom loves those Blue Toes Kynsie!!!
That's my girl!  ;)

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