Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hello Family,

It seems like you all had a fantastic week! A busy one but good. I am glad everything went well with the funeral and that you went to good ol' chuck a rama or up chuck in kate's case! hahaha We had a good week. It went by quickly again. We spent a lot of tuesday getting our car fixed.We spent a lot of tuesday getting our car fixed because we got a new car. It kind of threw off our week a bit though. It took a lot longer than elder ohern expected and so we had to try to fit in planning for our week here and there and everywhere between going to appointments. I felt like this week i gained a testimony again of why planning is really crucial. We weren't able to be half as effective as we normally are. Don't get me wrong Heavenly Father still helped us but it was a bit hard because we weren't able to schedule our appointments closer and it wasted time driving all over. But Despite that we did see some miracles. :) 
We had a 2 great lessons with eddie. He is so sweet and is reading the book of mormon. We taught him the Restoration Lesson as well as about the book of Mormon. He is accepting of it. We invited him to church and he wasn't sure about that because he is so shy but he will come. His cousins live two houses away from us and we always teach him outside so all of the neighbors and his family is watching us. Yesterday we went and his brother was like you girls are the ones talking to eddie right and we said yeah. He told us oh well he just left so I just wanted you to know. We were knocking some other doors as well and They asked us if we were teaching him. haha. It is a good thing because we are making them all curious.

During the week we had a lesson with the Family Rodrigous. She is less active for 14 years or something and her family isn't members. She told us that she was praying to God and asking him to help her family so that they could learn of God and that she wanted them to learn of Jesus. She told us that we knocked on her door about 2 days later and she He is really listening. It was neat that she was able to share that with us. We are going to extend a date for her kids on the 6th of April. He husband isn't a member as well so hopefully we can help all three of them accept it and get Tirza back and reactivated!

Yesterday we had some great news! Well two great pieces of news. We ate at the Arredondos and I got to play the grand piano!!! it was so fun. I got to play for about 10 minutes and it was a blast. I can still play the classical music you sent me so i am not losing it. Luckily. It was really nice. The other bom bom!!! Our branch turned into a ward. President Bonilla was released though which was a little sad cause they are going to a different ward now but its okay. There were a lot of changes but I think it is going to be fantastic for our ward! We are excited. We were really close and yesterday the stake president told us that he felt it was time to switch it. There are a lot of less actives that we have been working with and slowly they are coming back. It is good. In the Last month as a mission we have reactivated 155 people and had 45 baptisms. By the end of april we are trying to get 100 baptisms and 100 reactivations. We met the goal of that and now we just need to meet the baptism one.

Speaking of baptisms...:) I have some WONDERFUL NEWS! :) Hermana Koerner called me and told me something so cool. Lilly has a baptismal date for April 13th and the Bercerras have one for the 30th of March. I was so excited! :) I was like jumping for joy the whole night. It was such a happy feeling!!! wooo hooo. Can you tell i am sill really excited? Well...basically yeah I am. 

To give you and update on my teeth. I haven't heard anything back from the dentist. The thing he put on my tooth is working though. It hasn't been as sensitive so hopefully it worked. I gave him Dr. Mckell's information and so he should be getting back to me in the next few days. I am taking a medication for my tooth to stop the infection or at least slow it down and then when i hear back I'll let you know, or if it is something big sister pingree or the dentist will call you to let you know. It is good though. No i haven't been getting any more migraines and i have a medication now that will help on hand if I get one.
We eat here with a lot more members than we did in my other area. It is nice because I think it helps us get to know them and help them get the fire of missionary work. We ate with Hno Cue this last week and it was really good food. Argentine. He has a really amazing voice and sang us a song. "Mary did you know" I thought of you dad because you would have loved it. Just a little thought to share.
Okay well I feel like this letter is crazy and all over the place so sorry. :) but know one thing. I LOVE YOU ALL so much. I am really enjoying my mission. I am so glad I am here. It is so incredible. I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you all are reading your scriptures. Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.
Until Next week. Offf finding the 10s of 1000's.
Love Hermana Rife
A picture with the Garcia Family - The relief society president and her family. Kylee, Here is the turtle I told you about in the letter you should get this week. :)
A crazy bug we saw at the gas station. Weird right? I touched it to make sure it was real and yes, yes it was. There are some crazy critters in Texas

The Garcia Family 

Notice the little turtle...awww cute!!! :)

A crazy bug Kynsie and her companion saw at the gas station. Weird right? Of course,Kynsie touched it to make sure it was real and yes, yes it was. There are some crazy critters in Texas

Finally doing what she dreams about ---
Playing the Baby Grand 
at the Arredondos. 

I'm sure she was in Seventh Heaven!!!
She wants to have her own grand piano when she GROWS UP!!! :)

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